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How to Set and Achieve SMART Goals

We all have big dreams, but fall victim to the same problem. Having no idea where to start. Without any sort of plan, your dreams are likely to stay...

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3 Steps to Working Happier & Smarter from Home

Looking for tips on working from home more effectively?According to Upwork, 41.8% of the American workforce switched to remote work during the...

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How to Find a Career Mentor

There are times throughout your career when you feel unsure of what your next step should be. Maybe you know what you want in the end, but you don’t...

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Starting A New Job During COVID [Q&A]

Remote work is the new normal for many of us in response to COVID-19. Businesses have turned to virtual onboarding, and new hires are starting their...

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Investing in Yourself

When you think of investing, your first thoughts are probably about the stock market or your retirement account. But as the financial markets ebb and...

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4 Insights into the Future of Motion Design

The amount of content the average person consumes in a day is massive and continuously increasing - with no intention of slowing down. We're...

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Is Tracking ROI the Ticket to Executive Buy-In for Your Work?

No matter what industry you’re in, or what your to-do list entails, there comes a time when you have to prove that your work is having a positive...

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Advice for an Aspiring Video Editor

This post contains advice I gave to someone aspiring to be a video editor. The first part of this blog is to give some context to how I ended up...

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4 Tips on Editing with the Client in the Room

Do you enjoy working with someone watching over your shoulder? Sorry, is that a stupid question? Of course you don’t. However, if you’re a...

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Email and Effective Communication

One of the more interesting discussions I participated in lately related to the use of email as an effective communication tool. No one can question...

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Top 3 Apps for Improving Time Management

Time’s a Tickin: How Do You Manage Your Time?

Time Management in our industry is crucial to getting projects out on time. I am most definitely an...

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Match That Beat: How to Edit Video Like A DJ

One of the principle techniques of video editing is called “match on action”.A match on action occurs when the editor chooses to cut during the...

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