Your dream job is out there and our mission is to connect you to some of the best-known organizations around the world so you can #dowhatyoulove. At TeamPeople, we build dynamic media teams by strategically matching qualified candidates to open positions.

As talent, that's where you come in! 

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We work with some of the best-known organizations in the world to recruit, hire, and manage media and communications teams. We create flexible and scalable teams that maximize operational efficiency and operate as a one-stop-shop to support the evolving landscape of needs.

Broadcast &
News Networks

Broadcast is where we started. We've proudly worked with the best-known international news networks, delivering high-quality talent and media support services. We understand the ever-evolving, always on-the-clock news mentality better than anyone.


When both sides of the brain are working together, amazing things happen. We work with the top creative agencies to support the need for highly skilled talent. We handle all aspects of recruiting and talent management, so they can focus on pursuing their creative vision.


We support global organizations pursuing some of the most important missions in the world. From non-negotiable compliance to frequently changing regulations, our team is cleared and certified to support the needs of complex government operations.


With a background in production, we know the critical skills necessary at every stage of the process - from development and QA to marketing, and more. We help staff the contingent workforce for development studios as well as in-house agencies for non-endemic brands.


The future is virtual and connecting students with educational institutions through innovations is our mission. From elearning courses, virtual job fairs, and virtual graduation ceremonies, our teams are helping to engage and transform the way we learn and interact.

What our TALENT sayS

My experience with TeamPeople has been by far the most positive and rewarding experience of my career!

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TeamPeople Talent

I've had a great experience with TeamPeople! I will continue to work freelance with them and recommend them to everyone.

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TeamPeople Freelancer

I really, really enjoyed working for TeamPeople and felt supported 100% of the time.

TeamPeople Talent




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