A Day in The Life of an Operations Assistant

Shayne Dutkiewicz

I am the Operations Assistant for one of TeamPeople's biggest and baddest contracts, (I can’t tell you where for confidentiality reasons….) My job encompasses many different facets, from number crunching, to liaising with our client, to seeing to the needs of our staff. I've found that the best way to approach these myriad tasks is to always keep in mind the bigger picture. I believe my job is, first and foremost, to take care of our employees. All of my responsibilities are in service to the goal of maintaining a happy staff, and that is one of the reasons my job is so rewarding. The three main ways in which I can do this are by being available as needed, always addressing issues promptly, and looking out for morale.

Being Available

My day starts each morning at the main front desk where all of our staff check in and find out their assignments. Connecting with the staff personally every day is important in its own right, but an added benefit is that I'm around to answer any operational questions that come up, listen to and pass on issues regarding scheduling or equipment, and make sure that my colleagues have all the tools they need to do their job that day. They need to know that they can come to me and feel secure that whatever they communicate will be given quick and focused attention, and by connecting with them each morning I can make sure that happens.

Prompt Communication

Once the day has begun, I see to the administrative aspects of my job. All of these in some way circle back to the needs of the staff. One of my primary tasks is to see to any of the issues that were brought to my attention at the front desk. These often include questions about company benefits, time, accounting and scheduling, and inquiries that need to be addressed to our client. If I can resolve the issue myself, I see to it right away. If not, I talk with our manager to make sure he's aware of the concerns and can address them.

Problems that require time to iron out are inevitable and can be frustrating for employees. While I always strive to stay on top of such matters and follow up as often as possible to make sure they are being dealt with, not everything can be crossed off the list within the day, or even in some cases, the week. When this happens I make it a point to stay in close communication with the staff member in question and explain to them why the process is taking time and where the issue stands. No one likes to wait to see problems resolved, but by staying in continual contact with the effected employee I can ensure that they know everything that can be done is being done and their problem has not been forgotten or filed away.

Looking out for Morale

There is a lot of work to be done, and our staff always manages to rise to the challenge. It’s important they know how appreciated they are, and that they are valued and respected for their excellent work. Beyond the day-to-day ways of showing appreciation, I’ve tried to take it upon myself to be the “morale officer” for our operation. Each month we celebrate staff birthdays with homemade chocolate chip cookies, when major life events occur such as weddings or the birth of children we make sure to observe the occasion, and periodically we organize staff outings, such as happy hour get-togethers or holiday parties, to allow everyone to enjoy each other’s company away from the pressures of work. I truly enjoy attending to these tasks, and find it one of the most worthwhile aspects of my job.

Taking care of our staff is very rewarding, and I love that my job gives me the opportunity to focus on the task every day. It makes the number crunching go a down a lot easier.


TeamPeople is a media staffing company. We work with clients ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to government agencies to recruit, hire and manage creative and technical media production and AV talent. We combine extensive industry expertise with a passion for what we do to deliver best-in-class solutions for our diverse clients.

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