Managing the Magic behind the scenes

While we do have an impressive portfolio of clients, it's not the brand recognition we want to showcase. It's the designers and strategists, technicians and engineers, and all of the movers and shakers that put their heart and soul into everything we do. With us managing the teams, we work behind the scenes to bring the client's vision to life, whatever it may be. 

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Facility & Tech Integrations

Managed Services

An international financial institution was looking for basic engineering support to drive their cause to a larger scale. As demand for AV support grew over the years, so did the need to communicate visually and instantaneously. They realized the next step was defining a unified communications strategy. 



Breaking News & Multi-City Events

Staffing Support, Production Booking

When the presidential election season was approaching, an international news network asked TeamPeople to develop a more efficient and economical operation during such an unpredictable and fast-paced period. To accomplish this, the network would need talent coverage across the country.


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Cost-Savings in the Millions

Consulting, Managed Services

An inter-governmental organization that promotes worldwide cooperation in maintaining international peace, security, and human rights came to TeamPeople with a unique opportunity to help advance the way the world communicates. TeamPeople delivered, with savings in the millions.


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Recruiting Under Tight Deadlines

Managed Services, Staffing Support

For an international news organization broadcasting eight channels to more than 270 million households in over 140 countries around the clock, finding the right talent at the right time was a challenge. All while trying to remain one of the top news organizations in the world. That's where TeamPeople came in.



Managing Compliance For Scalable Teams

Consulting, Managed Services

One of the country's largest insurance companies came to TeamPeople for a workforce consultation. The process in place was inefficient and led to frequent hiring delays with questionable employee classifications. Now, they are compliant and exceeding in all areas of performance.


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Implementing A Full-Service Solution

Managed Services, Staffing Support

In order to expand the bandwidth of the department’s operational leadership, they needed to find an organization that could focus on recruitment, managing payroll, along with a myriad of other employee processes. They found it with TeamPeople.


Temp vs. Part Time

Media Experience with a Fresh Perspective

Managed Services, Staffing Support

For a global healthcare company, internal and external communications needed to be top-notch.  With the bar set high, the studio's media team was struggling to succeed.  A new perspective and a team of experts were needed, and they found it with TeamPeople.



Success with Specialized Recruiting

Staffing Support

For a DC-area startup adding 1,800 new events every day, business was booming. With their success largely dependent on the accuracy and ability of the talent in place, a top-notch team of freelancers with a highly technical skill-set was required. TeamPeople made it happen.