Managed Services

managed services

you bring the vision. We make it happen.

This is the core of our business and our passion. We can provide a single person, an entire team, or work with the team you have in place. In this solution, we recruit, employ and manage a specialized team at your location and seamlessly integrate into your company's existing infrastructure. With us managing the team, you can devote your time and energy to achieving your business goals and wowing your boss.

Onsite Management

Account/Project Management

Timekeeping & Expense Management

Benefits & Payroll Management

Vendor Payments

Live/Virtual Event Management

Operations & Analytics

Customized KPIs & Utilization Reports

Performance Monitoring

Request Funnel Set Up & Maintenance

Team Trainings

Guaranteed Compliance

All Federal and State Regulations

Independent Contractor Compliance

ACA & Benefits Eligibility Tracking

Workforce Classification

Insurance Coverages

Flexible & Scalable

Recruiting, Vetting, Rapid Onboarding

Roster Management/Surge Support

Permanent Placements

managed services

Types of Teams

Our customized approach has brought success to various teams and departments, including:

Digital/Web Services

We know the nuances of designing effective communications for today's delivery platforms.

Unified Comms

We provide comprehensive support to ensure all global multimedia operations are in sync.


From simple edits to complex special effects, our finishing solutions exceed expectations.

News Operations

We understand news operations and work to produce and deliver across multiple platforms.

Live & Virtual Events

Our multimedia experience is the biggest differentiator in producing a polished event.

In-House Agencies

Deeply understanding your business is how we deliver great creative that get results.

Let's cut to the chase...

We act an extension of your team and facilitate a dedicated on-site manager to ensure all operations are running smoothly. Our flexible and scalable model allows access to our global database of vetted talent that we carefully curate for your team and scale as needed. In every scenario, compliance is guaranteed.

We may be a one-stop shop, but there's no one-size-fits all solution. We're the partner that takes you to the next level, whatever it takes.

Our process is fully customized for each team. Here's a sneak peek but the secret sauce is the magic we bring behind the scenes.



Understanding what makes your business special is an integral part of how we deliver great results. We are open-minded and listen with a fresh perspective.



We address your pain-points and design an approach that streamlines your operation, achieves your goals, and exceeds your expectations.



We work hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth transition for your team. We ensure full communication with stakeholders and talent to provide the best experience.



We provide continuous support to ensure operations run smoothly. In addition to all things talent, we become your go-to resource for equipment rentals and tech needs.



We become your brand advocates and market your services across your organization to build on your success. With streamlined operations, you can achieve more.



We encourage professional development to keep your team engaged and give you the ability to take on new and exciting challenges.

We love to help.


We get it, it sounds like a big deal. We also know that each team is uniquely established with it's own operating reality. We offer workforce assessments across all areas of your team to help identify ways we can help.

Not sure what you need? No problem. We don't believe in hard sells so let's get the conversation going and see what works for you. 

Client testimonials

Good things are meant to be shared.


So thankful to have TeamPeople's support - We couldn't be successful without you! Thank you for driving the quality of work you do and creating an outstanding experience and great customer service.

- Michael, Fortune 100 Corporate Client

We’ve had a very successful relationship with TeamPeople over the past decade and consider them a strategic partner in delivering high level media support services.

- David, International Government Financial Institution

My sincere thanks to TeamPeople for your professionalism, agility, and subject matter expertise which resulted in yet another flawless Town Hall. I appreciate each and every one of you, and the level of support you provide to make me look good.

- Steven, Fortune 100 Corporate Client