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Transform your event into a one-of-a-kind virtual experience! Our expertise elevates meetings across the spectrum from basic to the most complex. The Virtual Bench provides technical meeting support across a range of platforms, including MS Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, or your preferred platform. TeamStream marries the world of broadcasting and live streaming to offer our clients – and yours - a perfectly seamless, end-to-end, virtual or hybrid solution utilizing our network of in-person video crews.

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The Virtual Bench
Virtual Platform Support   |   Intake & Pre-Production Engagement  |   Technical Dry Run  |  Technician/Host  |  Presentation Display & Video Roll-Ins  |   Platform Licenses
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Complex Virtual and Hybrid Event Streaming and Hosting   |   Virtual or Hybrid Broadcast Production  |   Virtual Green Room  |  Audio & Graphic Elements  |  Event Producer & Management  |   Integrated Widgets Learn More

We Design Custom Packages

From broadcasting press releases to your social media pages, running multi-day conferences with concurrent virtual discussion halls, or even building out a complete set with a full production crew and bringing in remote participants, we have the experience and resources to seamlessly execute your project. Let us create a package that works for your needs.

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