6 Ways to Beat Work Stress

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Julie Rasdorf

Everyone encounters work stress, and some stress is a good thing. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to handle that stress or ways to keep their work stress low.

6 Ways to Deal with Work Stress:


1. Release those Happy Endorphins- HIT THE GYM!

Exercising has many different benefits. A huge benefit is it keeps stress at a low level and an outlet for work stress. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Physical activity helps to bump up the production of your brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, called endorphins.” I like to call them happy endorphins, because they do just that, make you happy. Whatever your workout of choice is, whether it may be hardcore lifting or yoga, it helps to relieve stress.


2. Start Your Day Early

I know that everyone is not a morning person (trust me, I’m not!), but starting your day earlier rather than ending your day later helps reduce stress because you are able to knock tasks off your list sooner, which means there is no need to work later. A great thing about starting your day earlier is that you can beat everyone into the office. By getting an early start, you have quiet time and can focus on your work at hand without distractions. Even if you do not go into the office early, you can take care of tasks in your personal life, that way you can relax when you get off of work.


3. Eat Right

A healthy diet will provide the nutrients and energy you need when stress starts to set in. Yes, a fatty, sugary snack is nice every once in a while, but in order to stay focused and actively keeping your stress level low, healthy eating habits need to be a part of your lifestyle. Eating three meals a day helps you keep from getting sick, which can be brought on by stress.


4. Organize Yourself

When you have a lot on your plate to get done in a short amount of time, stress can really start to control your mind, making it difficult to focus on one task at a time. Organizing yourself and your workload is the best way to keep your stress level low. I suggest using an agenda or calendar on your phone, maybe even a combination of both. Write everything down that’ on your plate in the order of importance, crossing tasks off your list as you go!


5. Take a Break

Taking breaks and vacations from work will help you stay focused and mentally rejuvenated. It breaks up your stress into small manageable parts. Check out one of my other blogs: How to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing, to get ideas on how to work breaks into your busy schedule.


6. Get Enough Sleep

Stress takes a toll on the mind and the body. Getting enough sleep is very important in order to handle stress and to be successful at it. Do your best to get at least seven solid hours of sleep, that way you can get up and kick butt at work.


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