Stand Out Questions to Ask During an Interview

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Susan Wittan

As a recruiter, I often find myself prepping candidates for their first round interview on what to bring, what to expect and what questions to ask. Having well thought out questions about the company shows you did your homework and are genuinely interested in working for that specific company in that specific position. I suggest having a minimum of 5 questions written down in a notebook or iPad to remember to ask.

These questions will help you stand out during an interview:

What skills or experiences will an ideal candidate possess?

By asking this question, you are able to hear from the interviewer what exactly they are looking for. If they say something you have not yet highlighted during the interview, now is your chance.

What do you expect from someone in this role this month, in three months, and in a year?

Find out the expectations the company has for you. This will help you better understand what pace you will need to move at to meet those expectations and if it’s doable for the way you work.

How do you measure performance?

This is key to understanding what matters to the company, and how you can improve and grow. Also ask about common work habits successful people had in this position.

Who will I be working with? What is the company culture like?

By expressing interest about the team you could potentially be working with, you show the employer this is something you see yourself doing. This also provides insight on the personalities and team dynamics you could be interacting with.

Does this company offer continuing education/professional training?

This is a great question to show the employer that you’re interested in expanding your knowledge and essentially growing within the company.

Be sure to bring a pen to take notes after asking the questions or jot down in your iPad any key points that are important. Keep in mind that an employer is looking to hire someone who is interested in working at that company for other reasons than money. The more research you perform to generate your list of questions shows you are interested in the position and the company and the greater the impression you leave on the employer. Good luck on your interview! Was this post helpful? You may also like, How to Master The Phone Interview.

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