Corporate Companies Hiring Independent Contractors

Monica Lucero

In the media and audio/visual industries, freelancing has never been uncommon. However, since the recession, there has been explosive growth in the freelance market for all industries. According to The Freelancer Union, one in three Americans, roughly 42 million people, reported to be freelancers in 2013. From 2009- 2013, 15% of all job growth nationally was in temporary work. Back in the day, only small businesses were hiring freelancers, but not anymore, now Fortune 500’s are leading the pack. Not only that, but by 2020 more than half of all working professionals are expected to be freelancers. So what is changing?

Why are more corporate companies hiring independent contractors?

Technology Allows For It

Technology has allowed people to perform most duties from anywhere. Think about it, what can’t you do from your home computer that you can from your office one? For many media projects, you don’t necessarily need to hire someone who lives locally to get the job done. Because of this, there is a bigger pool of qualified talent who can do the job from anywhere. With the help of video conferencing, online software and smart phones, pretty much anything is possible.

Companies Find it Cost Effective

The shift has happened by major corporations who are developing contingent workforces so they can be more agile and scale up and down to meet market demands as they happen. In the media world this means hiring freelancers to augment staff in times of peak demand. Say you are swamped in September- November, but things get more quiet June- August, your freelance roster would adjust for that.

Companies Need Specialty Skills

You may have a specific project that requires a unique skill-set that you don’t normally keep on staff. Say you need an editor who has advanced motion graphic skills for example. This unique project requires it, but is not the normal skill-set required for your normal workflow.

Talent Refresh

As technology is so quickly changing, in our line of work, so does your skill-set. In the creative and technical field of communications and media production, sometimes you need to mix in some fresh talent to give a new perspective. Freelancers are great for gaining new perspective and insight.  Freelancers can fill in the gaps of knowledge that your full time employees have and make your team stronger.


TeamPeople happens to know a thing or two about the do’s and don’ts of hiring freelance staff. We provide creative and technical freelance media and AV professionals for multi-national corporate clients nationwide. Concerned about booking the right talent or staying in compliance with the myriad of legal requirements established by the IRS and Department of Labor? Give us a call!

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