The War for Creative & Technical Talent Continues

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Julie Rasdorf

It’s often said that the most important resource a company can have is its people. Unsurprisingly, the war for creative and technical talent continues to occupy many senior executives’ concerns. Per TeamPeople’s Insights Report, which surveyed over 150 senior media and AV leaders from across the country, we found that on average, 51% of all media & AV teams are reporting a skills shortage. The challenge is even more pronounced for larger firms, with 64% unable to secure sufficient talent.

According to this data, not only will companies have to devise more imaginative recruiting and hiring practices; they will also have to work harder to keep their best people. Over the past decade, the half-life of technology is growing shorter by the minute which means talent has quickly become the ultimate competitive advantage. We always say, talent is largely personality in the right place, and most talent management problems are solved once you get the right person in the right job. But organizations can’t assume the whole burden of finding those perfect fits. That’s why so many brands turn to us for that missing part of the puzzle.

Technical & Creative Skills Shortages Reported

Technical & Creative Skills Shortages Reported

Wondering which roles are considered in highest demand? Creative and technical roles such as Producers, Video Editors, and Graphic Designers are currently the most in-demand skill sets. However, on the horizon, executives are predicting a shift towards needing gaming and interactive expertise.


Skills Shortages by Job Type

Skills Shortage by Type


A New Workforce

In today’s world, competition is global, capital is abundant, ideas are developed rapidly and people are willing to change jobs frequently. So, the question remains, how are companies attracting top creative and technical talent? There seem to be three main drivers for attracting the best and brightest talent including the range of projects offered, the flexibility in schedule and the opportunity for training.

Almost 50% of media executives say they promote the diversity of projects to attract independent contractors. With over 40,000 freelancers in our fully-vetted database of talent, our freelancers say the biggest benefit of working with TeamPeople is that we can keep them busy on multiple projects with the diversification of assignments and network to work with a variety of clients while diversifying their portfolio. Although this is especially true for freelancers, we’ve found this theory works for permanent employees as well. People are more highly engaged when given a variety of opportunities and projects within their role.

The new workforce of Talent is increasingly interested in working for companies that offer a flexible work schedule or work-from-home option. Companies that offer flexible work schedules generally experience increased employee morale and reduced turn-over. They also experience a wider talent pool because they can find talent that best fits with their company regardless of location.

Sometimes, non-financial motivators for creative and technical employees can be just as effective as monetary ones. One in four senior media executives believe their organization does not provide an effective environment to develop skills.  Meanwhile, one of the biggest frustrations we’ve heard from creatives is that they are expected to keep up with the emerging trends and software advances, but don’t get the appropriate training from their own companies or funding to seek it elsewhere. There are many ways companies can help support their creative and technical employees through seminars, local workshops or self-paced online alternatives. If companies want to recruit, hire and retain top talent, they will need to provide the environment in which they can continue to nurture their skills.

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