Building a Culture of Teamwork

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AJ Sementilli

You might have taken a hint from our company name being TeamPeople, but we strive to continuously motivate and support a network of talented employees through a sense of teamwork. With a widespread employee base that is working daily within a client environment, we are challenged to bring the TeamPeople culture to each group, while at the same time working within the established client culture. This is not an easy task! So how do you go about building a culture of teamwork?

We’ve found that our success for cultivating strong teams has to do with our specific process of selecting, onboarding and nurturing our staff. Get it- the team is made up of people. And what we’ve come to understand is the people will make or break the team. In order to really find the right people, we have to understand both the full requirements of our clients and the career goals of our talent.

Here are 4 tips to keep in mind when building teams:

1. Set the standard

In addition to recruiting for a specialized skill, we look to hire smart, collaborative, naturally motivated and personable people. This is a standard for success.

2. Take the time to onboard the candidate

Our teams begin the bonding process at the start through introductions to the company and their client site. Each approach is somewhat customized based on each individual, the group as a whole and the established client culture.

3. Encourage open communication

We find true bonding comes from succeeding together. This means clear communication in even the most stressful, high intensity, fast-paced situations. People have to feel comfortable to make mistakes and communicate resolutions to problems and give feedback on ideas. Groups tend to bond naturally through successful, high profile productions and events that happen on the daily. In addition, we facilitate cross–contract introductions, regular meetings and electronic communications to facilitate communication and information sharing.

4. Have some fun

You know what they say…. “All work and no play makes for a dull day.” Some teams prefer social events where employees can bring their significant others and even children. Others prefer a regular happy hour or get-together after a series of intense meetings.

There you have it. Four tips for facilitating an environment for building effective teams! Have any other tips? Tweet at us @TeamPeopleTV

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