The Future of Creative Operations

Image of Julie Rasdorf
Julie Rasdorf

The emerging role responsible for Creative Operations has quickly become a crucial part of leading brands’ organizations. However, as technology progresses, Creative Operations has become a blend of analysts, creatives, technologists and marketers. We’ve been tasked with varied projects making defining the role an ongoing difficulty. It’s an exciting time for the industry- but it can also be tremendously overwhelming. This is exactly why, when I was asked to speak at The Creative Operations Exchange in New York City, I was beyond thrilled to be a part of this important conversation.

I spoke on two panel sessions and facilitated one break-out session. In-between them, I soaked up as much intel as I could from the other gatherings! Below is a preview of the sessions I was a part of.

People Are the Cornerstone of Your Team

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about this topic- it’s in our name- TeamPeople. In this session, we talked about how to source and retain the right talent, how culture plays a role in creativity and how to manage changes in work volume with the use of freelancers. We also unravelled how to foster greater employee satisfaction and engagement.

Defending Creative Ops – Metrics Make the ROI Case for Your Creative Team

Something often overlooked in the creative industry is the need for numbers. In this session, we covered how to gather the right metrics and determine where data comes from. We uncovered how to use data to make real decisions including outsourcing, scaling up or down, selecting the right tools and more. I also lead a break-out session on this topic for those who couldn't get enough of this theme! Lastly, we were able to trouble-shoot, collaborate and brainstorm around how to arm creative teams with the data they need.

Image of Julie Rasdorf
Julie Rasdorf

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