Managed Services

Customized solutions for every team.


How it works:

We work to understand your current model and design a strategic solution for streamlining operations and managing costs.  This is the core of our business and our passion. We can provide one person or a complete team of on-site media professionals to support your organization’s needs. Our teams work on projects including meeting room support, language interpretation, webcasting, internal and external communications, video-conferencing, digital signage, live broadcasts and much more. Whether you’re looking for freelancers or full-time and part-time staff, we’ll make sure they’re classified and in compliance with all applicable employment laws.

How we help:

  • On-site workforce management
  • Identifying operational & financial efficiencies
  • Recruiting new talent
  • Evaluating current market rates
  • Training and development of the workforce
  • Maintaining compliance with federal, state & local employment laws
  • Managing union & non-union workforces
  • Managing successful transitions from your current model to ours

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