International Capabilities

Why teampeople?

Our success is Worldwide.

From news coverage and corporate productions to live events and global broadcasts, our teams have successfully worked in countries around the world. We operate TeamPeople UK LTD based in London and our HQ staff is equipped for the nuances of international production.

Talent Database

Our vetted talent base has close connections within the local culture and hail from all over the globe, bringing a variety of resources to our recruiting network. We can build a team from scratch or supplement an existing team with freelancers or project-based workers.

Legal & Liability

Our program considers global workers, travel, equipment rentals and can include high-risk coverage for areas such as off-shore oil rigs and conflict zones. We have additional international employers liability coverage for each location and access to the latest legislation and employer regulations.


We recruit, hire, and pay people locally with local payroll administration and can invoice either in the local currency or USD conversion. Our London-based headquarters allows for easy European financial transactions and VAT considerations.

Production Booking and Crewing
Whether you need a day hire or entire crew, our team finds the talent to bring your vision to life →
Staffing Support and Perm Placements
We streamline your search for the perfect candidate by sourcing and screening a targeted applicant pool →
Managed Creative Services
Recruiting, hiring, compliance, and payroll, we manage your existing team or build one from the ground up →
Virtual & Creative Services
We facilitate or fully produce virtual meetings and events worldwide with technical and creative expertise →