Covering Breaking News & Multi-City Events 

The Challenge:

When the 2016 presidential election season was approaching, an international news network asked TeamPeople to partner with them on developing a more efficient and economical operation during such an unpredictable and fast-paced period. The goal was to keep viewers informed with an impartial, fact-based reporting model that would listen to all sides of the story. To accomplish this, the network would need coverage across the country.

The Solution:

With TeamPeople’s owners all starting their careers in the news business, we were deeply familiar with the challenge and knew exactly how to attack such a high-level project. Instead of having one crew travel across the nation, we put crews in every city, this was a huge cost savings to our client. One of the biggest benefits of working with TeamPeople is access to our ever-evolving talent network of 39,000+ media professionals across the globe and our ability to find the right person for each role. By leveraging this resource as well as understanding the ins and outs of providing 24-hour coverage, we could execute this strategy flawlessly.

The Results:

We all know that networks are judged by viewership, and viewership is determined by how fast the network can get the news out. During election night, the story started to change around 11pm when the lead shifted from one candidate to the other. While other stations were struggling to fly staff to different locations, TeamPeople was able to instantly provide coverage because our crews were already in place as planned. We had a leg up- and in the news industry, this is invaluable.


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