Measuring for Success with Specialized Recruiting

The Challenge:

For a company adding 1,789 new events every day, business is booming. This cutting edge technology is a web-based, event planning platform used by meeting, hospitality and event professionals across the world to ease the designing of floor plans, streamlines the arduous process of seating arrangements. Equally impressive is the software’s ability to bring any presentation to life with customized and interactive, on-brand collateral. Behind the scenes of this industry game-changer, is a team diligently working to grow their database of locations. The operation required a highly specialized recruiting plan that would find talent that possess the specific combination of expertise. 


The Solution:

With TeamPeople’s vast database of global talent and our experience in creating customized recruiting plans, we knew that we could find talent that would not only fit, but excel in these positions. The ideal skill set required the ability to accurately measure large-scale venues, as well a create and design the AutoCAD files that would be uploaded to the site.  Floor plans created to scale is critical in the event planning world and accuracy in these files is paramount to the success of the company as a whole.  With  clear goals, TeamPeople went to work identifying candidates, interviewing applicants and cross checking references. Once vetted, a top-notch team of freelancers was formed and ready to take on their assignments. 


The Results:

In just 15 months, TeamPeople has measured over 8,000,000+ square feet of property in 40+ cities across the US and Mexico with spaces ranging from offices and hallways to banquet halls and conference centers, and even a beach-front resort property. This was accomplished by finding the specialized technical talent required for such a unique business model. Finding the right combination of skill sets and experience in the right location at the right time was important for this project- and made all the difference in our client’s ability to take on more clients.

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