Recruiting Highly Skilled Talent Under a Tight Deadline 

The Challenge:

Based on our strong reputation in the media staffing industry, an international news organization came to TeamPeople with the need to streamline work-flows and find highly skilled staff, all while pursuing the mission of remaining one of the top news organizations in the world. Broadcasting to more than 270 million households in more than 140 countries with eight channels, the network was challenged with finding the right talent in a short period. They were looking for highly skilled camera crews, video editors, master controls, IT specialists and media management to run the 24-hour Network and didn’t have the time, people or resources to accomplish this on their own.

The Solution:

TeamPeople first met with the network’s operational management team to assess how the current staff was being utilized on a daily basis. This assessment phase allowed us to design a custom managed services solution for how to organize the current team and recruit, schedule, confirm and establish fair market pay rates for the required new positions. Leveraging our vetted database of over 39,000 media professionals, we had a head start in sourcing the right people to join this team. The reality was, our team would be covering breaking news all over the world… all the time, which meant we needed to move fast without compromising on the quality of work.

The Result:

This resulted in TeamPeople recruiting, hiring and on-boarding 60 full-time employees within a three-month period. With TeamPeople as the employer of record, our managed services plan allowed us to find the right people for each position, streamline workflow and train and unify the team to run this 24-hour network without a single hiccup along the way. Night teams and day teams were established with Satdesk Coordinators in London, DC and Doha to ensure full coverage. Our client could focus on their goal of remaining one of the top new organizations in the world, and we were able to support that goal by providing exceptional media professionals who were trained and ready to join the team.


The team did a great job with all work orders in SALL with no booking issues, no lines dropped, and without any screens going black during one of the most critical times for news.


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