Managing Compliance for a Flexible & Scalable Workforce

The Challenge:

Good news gets around. After hearing about TeamPeople through Communications Media Management Association (CMMA), one of the largest insurance companies in the country came to TeamPeople with a workforce consulting project. The project involved a full investigation and deep-dive into the media department’s talent management, workflows and technology integrations to maintain compliance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) requirements.     


The Solution:

We visited the facility and held meetings with management and current contingent workers in order to fully understand the situation at hand. Our experience working with comparable corporate multimedia departments led us to the conclusion that a managed-service staffing model was needed in order to maintain compliance and streamline the current work-flow of the department. TeamPeople suggested a new staffing model that would allow the multimedia department’s senior management to more keenly focus on content, brand building, provisioning of additional services to the organization and quality control. At the same time, questions related to employment law and co-employment risk could be handled through TeamPeople’s legal and human resources experts. Our analysis identified several areas where change could result in operational improvements, streamlined workflows, and the ability to have a flexible and scalable workforce.     


The Results:

For a multimedia team that previously consisted mostly of rotating freelancers, now has a solid full-time group of people who feel a part of the team, receive regular training and development opportunities on skills and new equipment, and can consistently deliver high-quality content. The client is fully compliant with IRS and DOL requirements with TeamPeople’s new managed services contract and the quality of media work developed is at an all-time high. 


In just a few short months, we’ve produced 185 enterprise-wide live streams reaching audiences in Canada, Ireland and India. We’ve also partnered with 17 business units across the company to complete over 400 projects, totaling over 1,400 digital media deliverables. In fact, the team is doing so well, that the TeamPeople team has actually taken on projects that the client’s marketing department was previously outsourcing to high-end agencies. Now that’s what we call game-changing.  

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