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Simplifying the Video Production Process

The average consumer is watching short-form and long-form videos every hour of every day on every platform. In today's content-driven world, we're at...

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4 Benefits to Centralizing Work Flow

US-based companies identify “an inadequate supply of qualified and skilled talent” as the second-biggest threat to their performance—second only to...

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When Marketing Meets the Newsroom

We live by the notification pop-ups on our phones. We can process business deals, order dinner, track our heart rates, and video chat with friends in...

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The Future of Creative Operations

The emerging role responsible for Creative Operations has quickly become a crucial part of leading brands’ organizations. However, as technology...

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The War for Creative & Technical Talent Continues

It’s often said that the most important resource a company can have is its people. Unsurprisingly, the war for creative and technical talent...

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The Road to Employee Engagement for In-House Creative Teams

There is a lot of buzz these days around employee engagement, but it is often confused with levels of satisfaction or happiness. The true meaning...

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