What you missed at InfoComm17

As the TeamPeople on-site Manager overseeing the Production and Audio Visual staff at a large intergovernmental organization that promotes international co-operation based in New York City, I had the opportunity to travel to Orlando this month for Infocomm 2017. I brought along one of our rising stars, Alejandro, from our AV Conference staff.

The road to renewing your CTS:

Since we are both CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) credentialed and due to renew our certification this year, we carefully planned out the three days at Infocomm ahead of time.

Now, you may know that in order to renew your CTS, you have to acquire 30 RUs (Renewal Units) every three years. There are a number of ways to gain points, including taking Infocomm online classes, webinars, or on-site classes. The other option would be to take the three hour CTS test again. If you’ve ever taken the CTS examination, it is likely you will only want to take it once in your life.

Our mission was to earn as many RUs as possible by participating in as many seminars as we could.   Maximizing our points took some creativity, because some classes had higher RUs than others and many classes overlapped. The seminars lasted all day and we ended up taking ten classes in three days for a total of 18 RUs. 

Despite classes with titles like Safety in Entertainment Production, Integrators guide to Digital Signage Ecosystems and The Science Behind Sound: How to select Loudspeakers, I am happy to report that almost every seminar had top of the line presenters and expert panellists who were not only informative, but provided the information in an entertaining and impactful way.

Top highlights from the sessions:

Digital Signage- A reocurring theme throughout the conference was about how digital signage technology, content and branding are developing in new and creative ways.  There were discussions on how to take digital signage to the next level so it does not just become “noise” to passers-by, and how signage is also becoming interactive with facial recognition technology and the ability to purchase items directly from the display.

Video Conferencing- We learned about emerging technologies regarding Video Conferencing, such as cameras that use visual or audio recognition technology to automatically frame shots based on who is speaking.

Huddle Rooms- There were several classes that emphasized the need for “Huddle Room” spaces which have become popular with the advent of “open space” office areas.  Huddle rooms are places to conduct private or semi-private meetings and can have a wide range of technology, from bring your own devices (BYOD) to full-scale VTC technology.

Unified Communications- And finally, Unified Communication (UC) was also mentioned throughout many of the seminars. The idea is providing software and hardware technology to enable teams to work as productively, collaboratively and efficiently as possible, no matter where employees are located.

Most exciting of all, between seminars we were able to get on the enormous Infocomm showroom floor and see the vendors’ new and emerging technologies and gear.  It was amazing to observe examples of the technologies we’d been discussing, presented by people on the cutting edge of audio visual and production services.



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