Tips to Rock #NAB2015

Are you a newbie going to the NAB show? We’ve got you covered. The NAB Show is an annual trade show put on by the National Association of Broadcasters.  The show takes place in April every year at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and lasts for 4 days. This is one of the biggest conventions Las Vegas holds each year and also the world’s largest electronic media show.  The tagline for the event is “Where Content Comes to Life”.  Companies from across the world come to NAB to display and demo their latest products.  There are over 1,700 exhibitors at the show – it definitely is a technology overload!

If you are a newbie to the show, here are some tips to survive NAB in Vegas!

  1. Always Have A Plan –Depending on the pass you purchased for the show, (SMART pass, Super sessions pass, etc.) you need to have a game plan.   What is your main goal for attending NAB? Is it to network? Learn about the latest technologies? Or find new employment? Whatever your main reasons are for going, be sure your plan supports it! Your plan should outline what exhibits would be useful to see, what sessions to attend and a daily schedule detailing the hours on the show floor. You want to be organized when you get there because you WILL find out that this show is total sensory overload.
  1. NAB That App – Every year, NAB comes out with an NAB application for smart phone users.  Download this immediately! This application is very useful and is a must-have to navigate through the show. Here are just some of the things it offers:
  • – Ability to see the booths that are registered at NAB and type notes directly in the app for each booth
  • – Shows all the events/locations on a map and gives a description of each event
  • – By logging into your account, you’re able to see a list of attendees
  • – Onsite services category shows everything you need to know about services in the area such as places to eat, lost and found, wireless internet, transportation, etc.
  1. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now – Most of the show is covered with carpet but even carpet- covered concrete feels like concrete.  Since you will be spending hours on the floor, it’s very important to bring comfortable shoes.
  1. Pack Those Business Cards- You will be meeting a lot of people in the business.  If you want them to remember you, I advise you to bring PLENTY of business cards. You should also bring along a few copies of your resume if you’re looking for employment, but remember to follow up with employers and apply on their website to be sure you’ll be considered for the job. For employment opportunities with TeamPeople we encourage all applicants to apply on the job board.
  1. Are You Writing This Down? –   You will be meeting many people in the industry and perhaps, receiving a lot of information.  Make sure to take notes on info from exhibitors and sessions.  I recommend using the EverNote app, available on multiple platforms: Web, desktop, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The thing I like about this app is you can sync your notes across different platforms, allowing you to have access to all your notes no matter what device you are currently working on.
  1. Never Stop Networking!  – Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps and when the NAB day is over, there still is plenty of opportunity to network.  Lots of companies host large networking parties for exhibitors and attendees of the show to gather.  Some have a different focus, like Media Motion Ball hosts talent in the industry to network and others may host functions just for exhibitors to attend.  Some are free and some have an entrance fee. Take advantage of the ones that would be beneficial to you. Which leads me to my next point…
  1. Badges? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’…Well, Maybe We Do – Don’t forget to bring your badge for the NAB Show to all the after parties and events outside of the convention center.  By having the badge with you, you can avoid paying cover charges to parties, could be entered into various drawings, etc.
  1. Keep Your Finances In Order- If your company is funding your trip, be sure to keep your receipts and stay organized. I like the app Shoeboxed, which takes photos of your receipts and records the day and time. This way, it’s not the end of the world if you lose a paper receipt in the midst of all the action.

It’s a great show and if you have the opportunity to go, consider yourself very lucky!   Be sure to follow us on Twitter for live tweets of the event! If you’re looking for a good networking opportunity on Tuesday night, get your ticket now for our TeamPeople Happy Hour event! Make the most of your days in Vegas, stay hydrated, and have fun!  And – make sure to say hello if you see us! We will be there scouring the floors to meet new talent and connect with current talent!


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