The INS and OUTS of Contemporary Recruiting

When we want to remember something, we tell Siri to remind us. When we need a quick ride to the airport, we get an Uber. The way the world works is changing. So as you can expect, the way people find job opportunities and the way recruiters find top talent is also changing. Are you in or are you out?

OUT – Posting in traditional media               IN – Innovative use of social media             

Organizations seeking talent can access a larger talent pool through social media—even tweeting can be an effective tool for recruiting. Moreover, through sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter, employers can reach an audience of potential hires including those who might not even be actively job hunting. Let’s face it—reading the classifieds is so over. They call it social networking for a reason. Follow @TeamPeopleTV to be the first to hear about new broadcast & media opportunities.

OUT – Casting a wide net                              IN – Searching skill-specific websites

No longer do all job-seekers search broad “classifieds” poring through columns of ads of no interest to find something that fits. Rather, they head to skill-specific websites such as Production Hub, Behance, and Media Bistro that cater to specific professions and make job searches relevant and efficient.

OUT – Prioritizing educational credentials    IN – Seeking skills and experience

For many employers, the specific degree earned and the name of the university are no longer critical factors in hiring. What’s hot today? Flexible hires with relevant experience, the requisite skills, and universal traits like strong decision-making, communication, teamwork, and decision-making skills.

OUT – Rote recruiting                                    IN – Imaginative talent searches                  

Traditional recruiting practices fall short. Strategic recruiting using social media, targeted channels, and imaginative outreach will allow employers to find adaptable staff members who fit their needs and grow with the business. In the old days, we would post a job in the newspaper and wait for candidates to come to us. Now, we are like sharks—going directly after the best candidates. This is why it is essential to have a detailed and updated resume on your online portfolios.

OUT – DIY recruiting                                      IN – Professional staffing agency

Half the work of recruiting is carefully defining the search. The other priority is navigating the emerging online recruiting environment. To maximize efficiency and yield the best talent, consider hiring a pro. Need we say more? Email for more information on how we can help you find your next hire.

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