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New Apprentice Program for the Media Industry

August 9, 2017
We all know that employers increasingly want to see hands-on experience in the college grads they hire. In fact, according to an annual survey by the National... Learn More

Tips for Shooting Professional Looking Video With Your Smartphone

March 16, 2016
In the ever-changing world of Video Production we are always searching for the best way to improve our efficiencies. Equipment has gotten smaller, more... Learn More

How does your career in media and AV compare?

February 10, 2016
2016 promises to be exciting for any organization with communications teams and for your career in media and AV. As you are preparing for the year ahead you're... Learn More

Advice for an Aspiring Video Editor

December 8, 2015
This post contains advice I gave to someone aspiring to be a video editor. The first part of this blog is to give some context to how I ended up offering this... Learn More

4 Tips on Editing with the Client in the Room

November 10, 2015
Do you enjoy working with someone watching over your shoulder? Sorry, is that a stupid question? Of course you don’t. However, if you’re a professional... Learn More

Rocking Behavioral Interview Questions

October 7, 2015
So you have the experience and the education. You exceed the job qualifications and just landed the phone or in-person interview. But what else can you say or Learn More

Common Interview Mistakes: How to NOT Get the Job

September 9, 2015
You got an interview! Pat yourself on the back. This means your resume was strong enough and stood out enough to a recruiter to have them set up an interview Learn More

Why You Need to Take Time off This Summer

May 18, 2015
So now that you have accrued some Paid Time off (PTO) what do you do? Take time off, of course! Most of us want to do something that will renew and rejuvenate Learn More

3 Steps to Working Happier & Smarter from Home

April 22, 2015
Looking for tips on working from home more effectively? There are some 30 million Americans that work from home at least once a week according to the Telework Learn More

Insurance as a Freelancer: What You Need to Know

April 1, 2015
A ”C” of Talent. I recently read a great piece written by Rachel Kennedy. She did a terrific job summarizing some of the key differentiators among Learn More