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New Apprentice Program for the Media Industry

August 9, 2017
We all know that employers increasingly want to see hands-on experience in the college grads they hire. In fact, according to an annual survey by the National... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Media Manager

September 28, 2016
Working at one of TeamPeople’s on-site managed contracts at an international news organization as a media manager, Erica helps real news reach more than 270... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Systems Media Tech

August 30, 2016
At one of TeamPeople's longest on-site managed contracts, Joe is a Systems Media Tech and supports one of the most well-respected international organizations... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Photography and Digital Media Specialist

April 6, 2016
Up next for our second Talent Spotlight in April, is Franz, a Photography/ Digital Media Specialist at one of TeamPeople's largest on-site contracts! Here's... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Media Technician

April 1, 2016
Hello there blogosphere. Every month we'll be featuring some of our talent around the globe in our Talent Spotlight. I'll be asking some questions and sharing... Learn More

Why Every Media Professional Should Be on Twitter

March 18, 2014
Seriously, what’s the point of Twitter? Here’s the thing friends, it’s not 2006 anymore.  That’s right, the first Tweet was sent out eight years Learn More

Finding Work-Life Balance

March 4, 2014
One of my favorite features on LinkedIn is the blog posting from their so-called Influencers.  The smart people contributing their thoughts to the LinkedIn Learn More

What They Don't Teach Media Professionals in College

January 28, 2014
Many have debated the pros and cons of studying media through higher education. It can be said that the media work force is a hands on field; and that most Learn More

Opportunities in Media Production

June 25, 2013
I talk regularly with a group of working actors in Hollywood.  These are young people getting their first taste of paid experience in film, television and Learn More