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3 Steps to Working Happier & Smarter from Home

April 22, 2015
Looking for tips on working from home more effectively? There are some 30 million Americans that work from home at least once a week according to the Telework... Learn More

Insurance as a Freelancer: What You Need to Know

April 1, 2015
A ”C” of Talent. I recently read a great piece written by Rachel Kennedy. She did a terrific job summarizing some of the key differentiators among... Learn More

A Guide to Invoicing for Freelancers

March 25, 2015
Listen up Freelancers and Independent Contractors! You want to get paid? Well, the first step is to create an invoice. Hmm, what should this look like you... Learn More

Freelance Rates: How Much Should I Charge?

February 23, 2015
It’s one of the most frequently asked questions when production freelancers are starting a new business relationship. It’s also tax season, which often... Learn More

Corporate Companies Hiring Independent Contractors

April 8, 2014
In the media and audio/visual industries, freelancing has never been uncommon. However, since the recession, there has been explosive growth in the freelance... Learn More

Finding Work-Life Balance

March 4, 2014
One of my favorite features on LinkedIn is the blog posting from their so-called Influencers.  The smart people contributing their thoughts to the LinkedIn Learn More