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3 Trends from NAB 2015

April 16, 2015
I was excited to have the opportunity to shoot at NAB 2015 on Monday and Tuesday of this week. On Wednesday I took the opportunity to walk around and tour the... Learn More

Tips to Rock #NAB2015

April 8, 2015
Are you a newbie going to the NAB show? We've got you covered. The NAB Show is an annual trade show put on by the National Association of Broadcasters. ... Learn More

What You Need to Know about Insurance as a Freelancer

April 1, 2015
A ”C” of Talent. I recently read a great piece written by Rachel Kennedy. She did a terrific job summarizing some of the key differentiators among... Learn More

At the Speed of Technology

March 11, 2015
I recently attended an event where the featured speaker was a technology guru. His presentation discussed how technology is constantly changing the way we do... Learn More

The Importance of Teaming

March 3, 2015
The growth of small businesses has been a huge driver to the U.S. economy. To steal a line from the popular Geico ads, “Everybody knows that.” Well, did... Learn More

Stand Out Questions to Ask During an Interview

February 17, 2015
As a recruiter, I often find myself prepping candidates for their first round interview on what to bring, what to expect and what questions to ask. Having well Learn More

Laughing at the Future

February 4, 2015
This is not a technical blog that is going to teach you about VTC’s, streaming protocols, proper camera composition or how to deal with tough clients or Learn More

Building a Culture of Teamwork

January 27, 2015
You might have taken a hint from our company name being TeamPeople, but we strive to continuously motivate and support a network of talented employees through Learn More

4 Risks Every Media Manager Should Know- Intro

December 11, 2014
Every day media leaders at organizations as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, broadcast networks and small production companies go to their jobs facing a Learn More

Email and Effective Communication

November 18, 2014
One of the more interesting discussions I participated in lately related to the use of email as an effective communication tool. No one can question the Learn More