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Tips for Leveraging Videoconferencing for AV Production

October 1, 2014
Wait, what about that camera in the video conference room? Videoconferencing is a fact of life in the professional world. The time and money saved by not... Learn More

4 Things to Know About The Affordable Care Act

August 11, 2014
There is a lot of information out there about the Affordable Care Act or (ACA) but what does it mean... in plain English without the crazy legal wording! If... Learn More

On-Set Etiquette

July 23, 2014
Question of the Day: On-Set Etiquette Q: What do clients look for on my first day on the job? How can I make sure they ask me back? If you’ve been in the... Learn More

Transitioning Employees Into New Positions

May 20, 2014
Transitioning into a new role is something that is exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. But if the employee and the company are prepared for the... Learn More

Using Social Media to Find Top Talent & Top Employment

May 4, 2014
Skimming and roaming job boards is not enough for the job seeker, and if you’re only using job boards to recruit top talent, well you are missing out on a... Learn More

Benefits of Hiring a Staffing Company That Knows Your Business

April 22, 2014
According to the American Staffing Association, this April, 2.91 million people are employed by staffing companies. That’s a whole lot of people. But why do Learn More

Corporate Companies Hiring Independent Contractors

April 8, 2014
In the media and audio/visual industries, freelancing has never been uncommon. However, since the recession, there has been explosive growth in the freelance Learn More

Meeting Client Expectations in a Corporate Media Environment

February 25, 2014
As an onsite managed staffing and media service provider in a busy corporate environment, we provide our clients various levels of media support. I work Learn More

3 Ways Video Improves Internal Communications

February 11, 2014
Are you using video to make your team stronger? Engine Creative reported that 93% of internal communications professionals believe that video has become Learn More

The Role of Key Performance Indicators in Managing a Media Department

November 6, 2013
It has been busy here at TeamPeople as we started providing service to a large new client in New York and also renewed contracts with a couple of our favorite Learn More