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Loving What You Do

January 20, 2014
So many times, I hear from people that they do not like their job or dislike what they’re doing.  I always ask, them – “then, why are you doing that?... Learn More

GoPro Hero 3+ Fun Under The Sea

January 14, 2014
I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition to take on a family vacation.  Before making my decision to buy the camera I spent some time online... Learn More

SMART Goals: Start the New Year Right

January 4, 2014
Each year things change, you’ve gained a new job, learned new skills, graduated from a program or gained a new certification.  And throughout the busy year... Learn More

Taking Breaks to Keep Your Creative Juices Flowing

December 11, 2013
Do you find it hard to pull yourself away from your work? How many times a week do you feel exhausted during the work day? Has your work consumed your life? If... Learn More

Do I Really Need a Demo Reel?

December 4, 2013
Question of the Month: Evolution of the Demo Reel Questions Overheard at TeamPeople, asked by media industry clients, talented professionals, job seekers,... Learn More

Mastering Your Phone Interview: A Recipe for Success

November 13, 2013
Most people find interviews in general to be nerve racking and quite frankly intimidating. But when you cannot see the person who is interviewing you, it Learn More

How to Work with a Recruiter

October 15, 2013
In my experience as a recruiter and working in the staffing industry for most of my professional career, it’s always great to speak with wonderful Learn More

Editors are the Real Storytellers

October 1, 2013
I was recently challenged to come up with a proposal for a seminar to be presented at a conference where the overall theme was storytelling in a corporate Learn More

The 411 on COBRA

September 18, 2013
In my years of experience in the HR/Staffing industry, I’ve had to explain COBRA to many employees (new & former).  Questions such as “What does it Learn More

She’s Leaving On a Jet Plane

September 4, 2013
It is with excitement and yet a little sadness that we announce that Mandy will be leaving TeamPeople Headquarters. The good news is that she is not leaving Learn More