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Talent Spotlight: Production Manager

July 20, 2016
As a Production Manager, at one of TeamPeople's on-site managed contracts, at one of the world's largest and highest valued technology companies- Florence has... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Production Coordinator

June 13, 2016
Everyone knows that the efficiency and work-flow of a media team relies on the shoulder's of the production coordinator. Without a solid communicator and... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Audiovisual Operations Supervisor

June 1, 2016
Who rules the Audiovisual space at one of TeamPeople's largest on-site contracts? That would be a man by the name of Heikki. Although he's short and sweet in... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Editor- Production Technician

May 11, 2016
So you want to make a music video? Well that's how Scott originally got into the production industry! Another great Talent Spotlight.... read away! Q: What... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Production Assistant

May 3, 2016
Production Assistant and on- camera talent, Sophie, joined our west coast team just four days after graduating from The Academy of Art University in San... Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Videographer and Editor

April 8, 2016
I'm happy to be interviewing our third Talent Spotlight this month! A west coast guy that goes by the name Jon- and he has some pretty interesting stories on Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Photography and Digital Media Specialist

April 6, 2016
Up next for our second Talent Spotlight in April, is Franz, a Photography/ Digital Media Specialist at one of TeamPeople's largest on-site contracts! Here's Learn More

Talent Spotlight: Media Technician

April 1, 2016
Hello there blogosphere. Every month we'll be featuring some of our talent around the globe in our Talent Spotlight. I'll be asking some questions and sharing Learn More

Tips for Shooting Professional Looking Video With Your Smartphone

March 16, 2016
In the ever-changing world of Video Production we are always searching for the best way to improve our efficiencies. Equipment has gotten smaller, more Learn More

How does your career in media and AV compare?

February 10, 2016
2016 promises to be exciting for any organization with communications teams and for your career in media and AV. As you are preparing for the year ahead you're Learn More