Supporting our IHAF Community


During this time of uncertainty, TeamPeople can help with workforce evaluation, offering no-retainer recruiting support in key skill areas, extending discounted rates for those seeking to hire remote freelancers such as hiring Presentation Specialists, Designers, Video Editors, and Virtual Event Engineers. For those who may have been displaced or looking for new work opportunities, we are offering free resume and/or portfolio review by our recruiters. We all want to take care of people during this national crisis, and keeping people working is one important way to do just that.


No Retainers

Waived retainer fees for permanent placements. We'll send you resumes and provide discounted rates on hire.


Discounted Rates

New clients hiring remote freelancers or establishing a virtual events package will receive discounted rates.


Free Consultations

Free 1-hour discovery call on workforce assessment, including recommendations on skill areas, cost and org arrangement.


Resume Review

Our recruiters will review your resumes and/or portfolios and offer free advice so you can put your best foot forward.