GoPro Hero 3+ Fun Under The Sea

I recently purchased a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition to take on a family vacation.  Before making my decision to buy the camera I spent some time online fascinated by the amount of GoPro video footage available.  You can find interesting snow and water skiing, skateboarding, diving, snorkeling, biking, diving, surfing, dog running, birds flying footage, etc. all shot with a GoPro camera.  There is some amazingly creative people out there using the camera.  I was sold.  I wanted to “Be a HERO” too!

I purchased the camera and a couple of the available mounts to use.  I learned in my research that there are many third party vendors that provide interesting GoPro mounts for specific uses.  We were planning on doing some snorkeling on this trip so I purchased a GoPole handheld mount called “The Bobber.”  The Bobber is a hand grip that floats if you should drop the camera in the water.  Being a bit clumsy I thought a grip that floats should I drop it while in the water made infinite sense.

Now, I must confess that I am not a video professional.  I have worked in the broadcast and media industry as an entrepreneur for many years.  I love trying to be creative. Our staffing company, TeamPeople, has employed some amazing people who can produce the highest quality content but I am a CPA that spends more time on the business side than being creative.  I found the GoPro to be easy and as fun to use as advertised.

For those of you in the media profession the GoPro could serve as a nice resource to capture some interesting footage for your customer or marketing efforts.  For example, if you are producing a multi-camera event for your customer the time lapse setting would let you capture the efforts that go into set-up.

Visit our YouTube Page to see 20 seconds of video I shot while snorkeling.  The camera was mounted on The Bobber and was handheld.  GoPro also provides free software that you can use to capture, edit and share your content.  The video was shot using the 1080p setting but was output at 720p.

The entire family enjoyed using the camera and we captured some unique footage that will help us remember this vacation.  Next up is trying to mount the camera on my lab or maybe to help analyze my golf swing.

Brian Frydenlund is a founder and principal at TeamPeople. A savvy business pro, with a background at an international accounting firm and experience working with major corporate and network clients, he will be blogging regularly to share his unique perspective on the industry. 

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