Media Experience with a Fresh Perspective

The Challenge: 

As a global healthcare company with a 125-year history of working to make a difference, internal and external communications need to be top notch.  With the bar set high, the studio’s media team was struggling to succeed. This team was responsible for a wide array of work including internal and external videos, webcasts, and photography, as well as, corporate communications, advertising, and the promotion of internal initiatives.  Video and Photography production numbers were low, operational processes were inefficient, and the team was losing work as clients took their projects to outside agencies.  The organization was lacking confidence in the media team’s ability to provide high quality work.  The studio needed to refocus, streamline workflows and increase creativity, all while saving costs.  A new perspective and team of experts was needed and in 2013, they found it with TeamPeople. 


The Solution:

With years of experience in the media industry and systems of best practices, TeamPeople was confident in their ability to find operational efficiencies and be the fresh perspective the studio needed. Critical to the future success of the team, was to heighten the studio’s creative output and streamline workflows to achieve operational efficiency in a creative environment.  Equally important was the on-going management of a team that included evaluating the employees and positions to be sure that skillsets were being optimized.  At TeamPeople’s recommendation, the studio restructured under a model that consisted of a core team of full-time employees supported by a rotating and robust freelance team.  


The Results:

TeamPeople brought a fresh new perspective based on years of media expertise, industry best practices and a proven Managed Services Model.  This perfect combination for success has resulted in the dramatic turn-around of the creative studio.  The core team provides the consistency and knowledge base that drives operational efficiency, while the expert freelancers provide fresh content and the ability for the studio to utilize the personal strengths of a larger team.  Additionally, the loyal freelance roster provides surge support that can ramp up at a moment’s notice. 

Since TeamPeople accepted the challenge of managing the media studio, the team has consistently added new clients over the past three years as clients recognized a remarkable difference in the quality of work delivered.   

With workflows streamlined, yearly productions in the studio rose from 1289 to 1399 jobs even as the complexity of the projects increased. New and more efficient operational processes were implemented and with the purchase of essential equipment, over 3,000 labor hours were saved in one year, equating to approximately $285,000 in savings.  Also noteworthy, is that with TeamPeople’s support, the webcast branch of the department partnered with a client as a solution for the high cost of hosting an annual event, saving the client over one million dollars for this single event. That’s impressive by any standard! 


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