Implementing a Full-Service Solution

The Challenge:

Flexible, scalable and nimble. These three concepts were the motivations that led an international television channel focused primarily on natural history and wildlife programming to engage with TeamPeople.  Due to the company’s tremendous growth, it was becoming apparent that their management team was spending too much valuable time searching for available personnel, scheduling interviews and ultimately waiting on internal approval. They did this all while navigating the channels of compliance and regulations, not to mention managing their own increasing workload and responsibilities. They needed to find an organization that could focus on recruitment, managing payroll, along with a myriad of other employee processes, in order to expand the bandwidth of the department’s operational leadership. 


The Solution:

Their answer? TeamPeople’s managed services. With several other contracts in the Washington, DC area, the company was aware of TeamPeople’s strong reputation for industry knowledge and exceptional performance. A reputation that gave them the confidence to seal the deal.  TeamPeople was awarded with the management of the Post Production and Operations Department, a dynamic team made up of editors, engineers, media managers, global distribution specialists and many others.  As a group, they handle over 1,500 shows a year, which air in 171 countries and in 45 languages!  


The Result:  

TeamPeople went to work to launch and conduct the entire implementation in just over two weeks. Five teams were created to conduct the interviews with the current employees in the department within a 3-day period.  Sixty (60) full and part time employees were hired and on-boarded as TeamPeople employees soon after the interview phase was completed.  The transition was smooth and seamless as work went uninterrupted at the network and employee paychecks remained consistent. 

With two TeamPeople offices and an on-site manager positioned on location and in the heart of the Post Production and Operations department, our presence and close management is continuous and allows us to serve both the employee and the client simultaneously.  Employees have direct and reliable access to information at a quick turnaround while the client has additional reporting and assistance available to them, including the specialized surge support they require.  Our surge support keeps quality high, deadlines manageable, and of course, keeps the employees from feeling overworked.  With TeamPeople’s vast network of talent, support can be organized quickly, providing comfort and relief to all involved.  

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