Executing Facility Integrations & Technology

The Challenge:

Our client, headquartered in Washington DC with offices in more than 160+ countries, has two ambitious goals: ending extreme poverty within a generation and boosting shared prosperity. When TeamPeople originally began the engagement, the client was looking for basic engineering support to drive their cause to a larger scale.  As demand for AV support grew over the years, so did the need to communicate visually and instantaneously. The client realized the next step was defining a unified communications strategy. 


The Solution:

TeamPeople worked with the team in creating a custom managed services solution that involved managing, operating and upgrading a substantial enterprise tasked with the management of A/V operations, video production services, streaming, engineering, maintenance, still photography, digital signage and would require new facility integrations to keep up with the ever-changing advancements of technology. 


The Results:

The team’s projects are large in scale, complicated in execution, and extremely rewarding to the full time staff and freelance roster of talent supporting them. This team takes pride in:  

  • Executing over 8,000 events requiring video production and A/V services annually  
  • Over 200 rooms, auditoriums, and public spaces with a vast complement of technology and functions 
  • Producing approximately 20-30 scripted video productions monthly with budgets ranging from $2k – $150k  
  • Producing 10 – 15 live and live-to-tape video productions monthly  
  • Implementing a video asset management system with massive storage of archived digital media including videos, webcast recordings, still photography and country-specific b-roll and much more  
  • Executing scripted and live productions that are captioned in up to 5 languages at a time 
  • Developing efficiencies using TeamPeople’s proprietary FileMaker-based software, SMARTPro, which allows managers and technicians alike to monitor activity in real-time on tablets as they make their way across multiple campus buildings.  

All functional responsibilities assigned to TeamPeople are provided in a unique, multi-cultural, sensitive environment with enormous expectations for zero failure. Our customized model changes each year to mold to the ever-changing needs of our client.  

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