3 Trends from NAB 2015

I was excited to have the opportunity to shoot at NAB 2015 on Monday and Tuesday of this week. On Wednesday I took the opportunity to walk around and tour the show myself. Here are three trends/ observations I made while scoping the place out.

360-degree video is the next frontier.

Some companies were showing off rigs designed to hold multiple cameras in a way that captures the view in every direction. Other companies were working on software to seamlessly stitch together all this video into a virtual sphere. All of this is in anticipation for the mass adoption of virtual reality headset devices like Oculus Rift and Zeiss VR One. There are many examples of 360-degree video out already, but it seems there is going to be much more 360-degree video following in the next several years.

4K is getting even smaller.

Even though 4K-display and streaming capability is lagging, no single major video camera manufacturer is without a 4K capable camera in their product line. Although 4K capture isn’t new, the size and price of cameras that can record ultra-high-definition (UHD) has shrunk dramatically, again. The new UHD cameras that most people took notice of at NAB 2015 were the RED Weapon, ARRI Mini, Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, and Canon C300 Mark II.

The HEVC H.265 codec is still not ready for take off.

The super high efficiency codec that has been expected to replace the now-standard h.264 is finally getting hardware support. Several companies at NAB were showing side-by-side comparisons of h.264 and h.265 playing at the same bitrate. Looking at these demos, it was clear that HEVC is a better codec all-around. However, most consumer hardware is still not equipped to handle it. Although HEVC support could be a big feature in new products released this year, it seems likely that h.264 will remain the standard for at least the rest of 2015.

Did you go to NAB this year? Any other trends you found interesting? Tell us on Twitter @TeamPeopleTV


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